Prayer Partner Ministry
Jesus the Shepherd

Purposes and Goals

Who are we?

A non-profit group of prayer warriors who invite you to join with us to bring about a spiritual revival to light up the world.

We are reaching across America and worldwide, according to Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 28, to spread the good news that not only do we serve a God who died in our place to save us from sin, but that He lives again and desires to develop an intimate relationship with each one of us.

How we started

Some of us in southern California, U.S.A. felt a need for more spiritual power to combat lethargy, lack of faith and to solve church and personal problems. A small group of earnest Christians met in restaurants, in parks, and at the beach and prayed for spiritual revitalization.

It was not long before we began to share in our churches what God was doing in our lives. Then began an earnest praying for pastors and leaders which we based on the story of Moses and Aaron and Hur found in Exodus 17. This was the beginning of our pastoral prayer partner ministry.

Next developed a ‘personal prayer partner ministry’–numerous groups of two or three praying together regularly. As our prayer partners reached out to friends, relatives and communities a ‘friendship prayer partner ministry’ developed, usually within a church congregation. Activities included ‘prayer walks’, prayer brunches, or breakfasts, prayer vigils and seminars. Two local Conferences in southern California, consisting of many church congregations, began what became an annual Prayer Summit. Each church involved was encouraged to choose a prayer coordinator to head up a small prayer team, which would, in turn, provide leadership for the outreach ministry within their own church.

Our desire is that organization not replace prayer. Yet we know that God chose a people when He chose Abraham and his descendants.  In New Testament times followers of Christ replaced the literal seed of Abraham (Galations 3:26-29) and the numbers grew steadily. In order to gather together a people to pray and encourage each other we must of necessity have some sort of organization. Our Prayer Partner Ministry Handbook describes a basic organization within a church congregation suitable for the purpose of meeting together to pray. The concepts suggested in the Handbook can be used as a whole or as an idea book for your prayer ministry.

New Millenium Developments

As members of our original group moved beyond southern California to different areas in the United States–central California, northern California, Florida, etc., we have been able to enlarge our territory, encouraging new audiences to venture out into prayer partner praying. The renewal of this  web site is the venture of the Placerville Seventh-day Adventist Church in northern California to touch the world through prayer ministry.  Our purpose is to instruct and encourage and our goal is to tell the good news of how much God loves each of us and wants to interact with us through prayer.  With the Spirit of Prayer spreading the glory of God throughout the world it won't be long until we will see the glorious event of the second coming of Christ in the clouds of heaven!

We'd be happy to hear from you!

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