Prayer Partner Ministry

The Work of a Church Prayer Coordinator or Ministries Leader

Each congregation should choose a prayer coordinator to head up a prayer team which will meet regularly to consider the prayer needs of the church and implement congregational prayer involvement. This team may be selected by the prayer coordinator and the pastor together–and can consist of a pastor, elder, deacon or deaconess, or any church member who is vitally involved in prayer. Choice of an associate or assistant coordinator can be made by the prayer team. Try to keep the prayer team small enough to work well together.


The person appointed to the position of church prayer coordinator must be:

Suggestions for division of responsibilities for associates, assistants or team members

  1. The Pastoral Prayer Partner ministry of prayer for the pastor
  2. Personal Prayer Partners, promoting family prayer, prayer in the children's divisions
  3. Friendship Prayer Ministry: prayer tree, prayer breakfasts, prayer walks, and other outreach ideas
  4. Creative ideas for prayer in the worship services, a day of prayer activities, a prayer emphasis week, prayer meetings, ten days of fasting and prayer, etc.
  5. Evangelism prayer groups
  6. Promoting prayer seminars, summits, prayer vigils, special speakers, etc.

Usually Conference Prayer Coordinators are available to counsel, provide source materials, speakers and seminars. Check with your local Conference.